Q1. 2022

We Dissect Stuffs V1-V2

Vintage Future Sign
Airdrop to WDS Holders

Discord Launch

Dodo Hash Club- Parabolic Hbar -BabyBarbarians


Project DNA
Direct WL access to Holders.
WL special minting price to WDS/FVS holders

Satoshi Labs Gallery

NFT collabs (TBA)


Utility :

Each project released by Satoshi Labs has its own perks, which include airdrops, giveaways, raffles, and community wallet benefits. All holders have direct access to whitelist benefits throughout the Satoshi Labs ecosystem. We pride ourselves on authentic, creative, and valuable art, which will hold value in the secondary market and through long term “diamond handing”.


The purpose of the community walet is to assist members in building their own projects through NFT holders vote.As such, the community wallet is colectively owned by Satoshi Labs holders.Holders can vote for experiences, activations, and campaigns that benefit SatoshiLabs and its holders.10% of all mint proceeds and 70% of all secondary market sale royalties fund the community wallet. CHARITY The SatoshiLabs community votes quarterly to decide a location of funds to a chosen charity.8% of all projects sold throughout Satoshi Labs ecosystem will go to charity.For NFTcollaboration pieces, 100% of Dr.Satoshi’s profits will go to charity aswel. Wallet ID is shared in the SatoshiLab Discord for community transparency.